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Strutting Season

Strutting Season was printed in the Washington Post on July 6, 2003 written by Libby Copeland a Washington Post Staff Writer


 Living the nightlife was published in the Herald News on Sunday December 8, 2002 written by Mary Kate Frank of the Herald News. www.northjersey.com

Moo's Writings 

Extending Sunday

Understand the Jersey Shore


The Last Feeling

The Moo's Weekly Pep Talk

Lion Hearted

NJ Anthem

The School of Temptations

Fan Sent Writings

Memoirs of an Aspiring Guido Brad (Hysterical)

My Night with the Shot Girl Jason Donovan

 Guidette from Birth Christina - North Jersey

 Casey a Greenwich Guido Casey

 What else is there Tony Fratelli

How u doin my fellow guidos and guidettes Bubba - NJ


 NJGUIDETTE from the 70's Denise from Jersey (Must Read)

I once was once that guy Donny Manero

 I May Now Retire Rick P

 Don't be that guy Anonymous

TEMPTS Energy Mike Tamayo

 THE PERFECT SOLUTION (ripping on guidos but funny)

 THE ETERNAL GUIDO IN ME Damian from North Dakota

Don't judge a book by its cover  Anthony Savalli  NJ.

 Only Half a Guido  Chris B Washington

A New Meaning Josh in Missouri

Guido from Illinois Antonio DiBella - Lave Forest, Illinois

WHERE I BELONG Chris Marvinello - Enterprise, Alabama

Shout out to Jersey from the UK!!!  Vinnie from The UK.

The Aging Bouncer Bouncer from NJ NEW

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